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State and Local Tax Reminder about State Income Tax Residency

At DUGGAN BERTSCH, LLC, we are often asked by clients to explain the process by which a taxpayer can establish a “new” state residency for income tax purposes. 

Sometimes we are asked to explain the impact of moving to a new state altogether  or about the impact of remaining in your current state of residence while spending significant amounts of time in another or several other states. 

XLIVE names Timothy Liam EPSTEIN to their Advisory Board for 2017

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of growth in global festival culture. People want to create events that stand out and they want to create communities around these events. XLIVE is an exceptional experience bringing together some of the best and brightest minds in the live event community to exchange ideas and best practices. XLIVE provides a sort of "gathering of the minds" for people in the festival and events industry who share the same passion for not only maintaining this industry, but for continuing its explosion of growth. XLIVE is transforming the way festivals and events share expertise, learn and revolutionize experience.



Our firm represents both individuals as well as numerous and varied business entities.  While determining state tax obligations is always a complex process, when a taxpayer has income from sources in multiple states, the complexity greatly increases.  Past considerations relied upon “physical presence” as the main factor in determining tax reporting obligations - those days have quickly changed.  Some states now assert obligations based upon “economic presence”.

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